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Monster Pry Bar Display Campaign

MARSHALLTOWN - Marshalltown, IA

In 2016, MARSHALLTOWN released eight new styles to its line of industrial strength pry bars.

The popularity of the Monster Pry Bar line came about because of their sheer indestructibility (and because they just look bad-ass). These bars are tough and can lift just about anything without bending over time. With this in mind, I came up with the concept of “The Toughest Bars for the Toughest Jobs” to drive home the fact that these bars can withstand just about any project.

In collaboration with the marketing director and product managers, we developed a marketing campaign for the product launch. The campaign included digital graphics for MARSHALLTOWN's social media pages and website, a promotional video and print graphics for the corresponding POP displays.

Web & Social Media Graphics

I directed several photo shoots on various job sites, highlighting construction workers using the bars in real world work environments. 

These photos were posted on all of MARSHALLTOWN’s social media channels directing visitors back to the MARSHALLTOWN website which included more content on the homepage.

Digital Graphics
Print Graphics

Pry Bar Displays

The pry bar displays became a huge hit with dealerships nationwide. Not only were the displays a great way to showcase the bars without taking up a significant amount of aisle real estate, but they were also a successful marketing tool for consumers who were on the fence about making the purchase.

All four sides of the displays featured a different variation of the bars, their main purpose and benefit. Each display could hold up to 20 bars which could easily be removed and tested out by potential buyers.

Print Design & Layout

I was responsible for creating the graphics for these displays, preparing the artwork for in-house printing, printing using the 52"  Roland printer and applying to header board material sized specifically for the displays.

World of Concrete Debut

These displays were also featured at several trade shows, state fairs and at the World of Concrete, the largest concrete and masonry show in the nation, which takes place annually in Las Vegas, NV.

Pry Bar Video

Feature Benefit Video

To really put our money where our mouth is, I wanted viewers to see the products being put to the test on actual job sites in a variety of industries. 

I produced a video highlighting the many ways each bar can be used, including lifting up forklift trucks, chopping through thick tree roots and prying out drywall and forms.

I uploaded the video to the company's YouTube and social media channels, as well as product pages on the website.

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