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Design Portfolio

Discover the work that makes our clients stand out from the crowd.

Motion Graphics Design

2017 - 2023

Sr Motion Graphics Designer

Garmin | Olathe Kansas

Demo Reel

Garmin | Forerunner 965 Meets AMOLED Display
Motion Graphics Demo Reel 2020 | Jordan Shaffer
Venu 3 Series | Garmin
Garmin | Forerunner 265 Series Meets AMOLED Display
Garmin Approach R10: Bring the Course to You
Index BPM | Smart Blood Pressure Monitor | Garmin
vívomove Sport: a stylish hybrid smartwatch | Garmin
Garmin | Baja Series | Off-road Racing Navigators
Garmin Dash Cam 46, 56, and 66W – They’re Mighty Little Cameras

Recent Work


UX Design

2018 - 2023

Smartwatch device interactions

Garmin | Olathe Kansas

Demo mode animations

Using screens provided by the client, I developed storyboards, sketches, and animatics and used them to present my initial concepts to the client.

After approvals in the preproduction phase, I moved onto animating the screens, focusing on smoothly transitioning from one to the next.

I also collaborated with and lead other team members to carry out a consistent look throughout each demo mode animation.

These loops can be found in any Garmin in store display showcasing Venu and Marq series smartwatches.


Device Startup Animations

Design process

I developed the startup animation for the Forerunner 265 and 965 series running smartwatches.

These smartwatches were the first Forerunners with AMOLED screens and the client wanted a startup animation that defines the passion of a true runner.

I started with tossing around a few concepts showcasing a traditional jogger silhouette with lighthearted fun motion elements.

I then saw the physical Forerunner 965 smartwatch and knew this needed a higher performance look and feel.

1 - Concept

2 - Look Development

3 - Revised Look

4 - Final



Web app UX/UI

Couch to Career | Olathe Kansas

Resume builder app

Design process

I sketched out the initial designs of this web application in Photoshop.

I then brought the design ideas into Adobe Xd and created a prototype of the Saved Jobs page, the Resume Studio, and the Chrome extension. This allowed the developers the ability to see exactly how I intended the app to function.

App workflow

This app took time to think through the pain points a job seeker goes through while looking for a new job, specifically when writing resumes.

The problem I aimed to solve was, "Why doesn't my resume get past the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) when I apply online?"

This tool not only saves and organizes job postings from popular sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, but it also rewrites your resume automatically for each job you save with the extension.

How it changes the industry

The Resume Studio is what brings this resume building tool to it's rightful spot in the top best job searching tools. 

The way ATS's work is simple; you're resume feeds it keywords, just like a search engine. If the ATS doesn't see keywords relative to the job poster's requirements, you get tossed without question.

Originally, I thought teaching courses on how to get your resume noticed would be enough, however I soon realized that people who are looking for their next career don't want to learn how to fish... they want you to give it to them on a silver platter, preferably for free.

That is the whole idea behind the Couch To Career Job Searching App and Resume Studio.


Sales Funnel UX/UI

Couch to Career | Olathe Kansas

Landing Page Design

I developed the layout and design of landing pages and sales funnels that convert first time site visitors into buyers. 


Performed A/B testing for landing page headlines and descriptions to determine the most effective messaging for higher conversion rates.

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