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Leather Handle Brick Trowels Campaign

MARSHALLTOWN - Marshalltown, IA

MARSHALLTOWN was gearing up for the launch of their new leather handle brick trowels.

The launch of these new trowels shook up the market due to their sleek look, effective build up to the launch and the solution they provided to all hardworking masons: authentic leather handles that were more comfortable to use and strengthened their grip over time.​

In collaboration with the marketing director and product managers, we developed a marketing campaign for the product launch. The campaign included digital graphics for MARSHALLTOWN's social media pages and website, a :30 and :60 second hype video and print graphics for product displays at major retailers, such as Lowes and Home Depot.

Photo and Video Shoots

I directed several photo shoots in studio and on various job sites, highlighting brick masons using the trowels in actual work environments. These shoots were especially challenging due to the risks involved, including climbing out of windows onto a scaffolding 100' in the air and shooting from different angles without getting in the way of the construction going on.

Jumbotron Hype Video

The sleek look of the leather handle is a nice feature, but to a mason, being able to maintain a proper grip throughout construction is much more important. When brainstorming the shotlist, I kept these things in mind. I wanted viewers to see themselves in their work environment using a trowel that feels comfortable in their hand and gives them ultimate control without sacrificing grip strength.

This video was played at the World of Concrete, the largest concrete and masonry trade show in the United States.

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