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Garmin pay tradeshow Video

Garmin - Olathe, KS

"So... we have this tradeshow coming up later this week..."

Teaming up with a fellow motion designer, I co-directed a video showcasing the capabilities of Garmin Pay for a tradeshow in Berlin, Germany. This project included developing a cohesive style and color scheme, outputting final files for complex screen dimensions, re-editing for translations and presenting the final video to the marcom department. 

Art Direction

For this project, I co-directed the photoshoot and provided on set direction for talent in addition to creating the video.

When concepting the look and feel I proposed a fun, light and friendly theme to show how easy it is to pay with your wrist using Garmin Pay contactless payments. This video was translated in other languages and was on a loop at the IFA trade show in Germany.

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