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Couch to Career Marketing Campaign

Couch to Career - Kansas City, KS

I identified a problem with online job boards: no human interaction in the application process.

For something so necessary to our every day lives, why is the job search process based on a system that completely avoids human connection and interaction?

The solution was the development of a website that provides tools and training for job seekers who are spending precious time applying online without gaining any leads.​ This site hosts an online job search training course, blog content and a YouTube channel that focuses on the key strategies that aren't being used effectively in the typcial job search process.

Funnel Concept & Implementation

I began by creating a YouTube campaign to drive traffic to landing pages and related blog posts.

Blog content was sourced out to freelancers with similar experiences with the job search, and I directed them to focus on SEO best practices for higher search rankings. These posts included embedded YouTube videos to increase time on page and site authority.

Videos and articles were also published to several niche related subreddits that drew significant web traffic.

Finally, I created an email marketing campaign triggered by opt-ins on landing pages. These email sequences walked visitors through sales funnels for higher conversion rates on the premium course.

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Blog Content

With a strong focus on keyword research, I outsourced blog content to quality freelancers who had similar experiences dealing with the job search challenges.

YouTube Channel

I created short pieces of content to build authority in the job search advice niche and to drive traffic to the Couch to Career landing page.

FREE Training Course

Lead Magnet

Once on the blog page or the description of a Couch to Career YouTube video, a viewer is prompted to visit the landing page to receive access to the free job search training course. Upon filling out the opt-in form, an automated email sequence sends a video from the course along with a personalized message to build trust and warm up leads to purchase the premium course at the end of the sequence. Not only does this sequence give users a taste of the content they will encounter upon purchase, but it also filters out non interested participants.

Landing Page Design

I developed the layout and design of landing pages and funnels that convert casual viewers into buyers and performed A/B testing for landing page headlines and descriptions to determine  the most effective messaging for higher conversion rates.

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Content Creation & Art Direction

I wrote a series of scripts for a five week online training course, provided direction on set to ensure a cohesive brand style and presentation, outlined the concept for the course structure, and implemented the final design. 

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