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MARSHALLTOWN Video Production

MARSHALLTOWN - Marshalltown, IA

From 2014-2016, I was responsible for brainstorming, story-boarding, script-writing, directing, filming, editing and posting videos to consumer facing marketing channels, including the company website, email newsletters, YouTube and social media.

This is a collection of videos I produced during my time as a graphic designer with MARSHALLTOWN - a manufacturer of hand tools and just about everything related to masonry, drywall, EIFS and concrete.

During my first year as a graphic designer I was asked by the president of the company to create a documentary short film highlighting the company's 125th year in business. This video was shown during the company's 125th anniversary celebrations in Marshalltown, IA as well as Fayetteville, AR. After the premiere of the film at the local theater, my responsibilities soon thereafter encompassed all video production projects.

MARSHALLTOWN Company Videos - Marshalltown, IA

MARSHALLTOWN Company Videos - Marshalltown, IA

MARSHALLTOWN Leather Handle Brick Trowel

MARSHALLTOWN - Industrial Strength Monster Pry Bars

MARSHALLTOWN DuoTex™ Texture Sprayer for Drywall

MARSHALLTOWN DuoTex™ Texture Sprayer Instructional video

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